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We'll buy any gold that you have

If you’re looking to put some extra money in your pocket, consider selling some of that gold you have

wasting away in your jewelry box.  You know the stuff we mean, that gold you never wear anymore!

With gold prices at a record high, NOW is the time to sell your scrap gold.


Let us give you a quote even if you're not sure of what you have!

It's free and we guarantee that it will be FUN!

Actually, we can do better than that. If you have gold that you don't want to own anymore, bring it to Lodi's highest paying buyer! That's right, when you bring your unwanted gold to Secondhand Rose, we'll give you a better deal than you'll find for miles in any direction.

Get the best deal in Lodi

Here's a short list of some of the items we frequently buy:

What do we want most?

Don't let old or unused gold sit around your house,

it's worth cash! Even if you're not sure of your gold's value, we'd love to take a look.

- Class rings

- Dental gold

- Gold watches

- Wedding bands

- Gold nuggets

- Broken and twisted chains

- Sterling jewelry

- Flatware

- Candlesticks

- Silver coins

- Platinum.


We are a licensed buyer Lic # 0000864