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Hannah Bella Paints - Chalk Finish, Biodegradable!

No matter what the product that you're trying to retouch or finish, you need a quality paint to help you bring your vision to life. That paint better stand the test of time as well. After all, who wants to re-paint the same thing all the time, just to keep it looking current? That's right, no one does.

Our paints are Chalk Style Finish Paint, easy to use and

perfect for helping you add a little splash of color to a number

of crafts and goods. With a silky, soft, matte finish,

it absorbs wax and finishes easily for durability and protection. Biodegradable, no harmful VOC fumes, non-toxic, safe to use around pets and children, locally made and family run!


From antique displays to old furniture and household goods,

Hannah Bella Paints will allow you to make everything look

beautiful and fresh. you can use it as a color wash and a regular smooth wash as well or apply it thick to get a textured look.

Why Hannah Bella Paints?

Anything made out of wood!

For inspiration of what you might use such fantastic paint for,

head on over to our products page and learn about all of the goods that we carry at Secondhand Rose.  Then you can add

as much or as little paint as you'd like!


What to use your paint for

Contact Hannah Bella Paints


instagram: hannahbellapaints



Family Owned

Made in USA


Low Odor




Hannah Bella Paints

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